Association Of Pakhtoon Scholars FATA

Message of the Chairman

Since the wake of terrorism the tribal who are in fact peace loving people are posed as tyrants we believe that this name is a misnomer for our people. We have produced so many dignified and highly educated figures that can easily negate the notion of violence from our people but still we need to look at the other side of the picture as well and i.e. the deprivation our people are facing since the birth of Pakistan. So we have to look forward but not to overlook the history of deprivation of our people. That is the reason that we have to provide our people with high levels of education in which case to enable them to contribute to their respective societies in particular and globally as a whole.

The main problems of our area are:

    Inability to avail the educational facilities due to the overall environment of the area and lack of education opportunities

    Discrimination in employment

    Lack of employment opportunities

    The security concerns of the area

    The uncertain conditions which our people face


To sensitize policy makers and international philanthropists, NGOs, Donors & International Community to achieve Association Of Pakhtoon Scholars FATA vision in the foreseeable future.


Establishing a truly Pakhtun tribal, peaceful and educated society with no space for any type of criminal activities through providing higher educational facilities and opportunities to those tribal who have done their graduation or could not complete their graduation due to poverty or other problems existing in our tribal areas. This will in turn provide an opportunity to enhance the vision of the community to have a significant role in the development of the country and in developing an educated society.

Our Philosophy:

First, we believe that food, shelter and education are the common rights of every human being. Secondly, if we are able to provide opportunities for higher education for our youth we are no doubt changing our environment and this is indeed what we need currently. Lastly, this change can be brought with a some effort on a part of us and the national and internal communities as a whole. Moreover, equality is our core principle and we guarantee that no biases are exhibited.


 To reform the tribal community through providing education, imparting skills and disseminating positive & productive culture hence developing a peaceful, educated and cultured society in the tribal areas.

  1. To provide them facility of education
  2. To provide them facility for skill development     
  3. To enable them to become productive citizens
  4. To reduce the rate of criminal and/or illegal activities through awareness.
  5. To provide facilities for graduation and higher education
  6. To provide facilities to prepare them for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, GAT, GRE and NTS exams.
  7. To facilitate their access to get scholarships.

Implementation Plan        

The components of the Project are well designed.

  • Education (Graduation and Above)
  • Skill Development
  • Psychosocial Guidance and Support
  • Computer Literacy
  • Language Center


The tribal community will be given awareness about the objectives of the CSO through media and in person meetings that the same has been initiated for their welfare which in order to help them provides various amenities for the students. For this purpose, they will be motivated for active participation in various activities of the CSO such as:

  • Monthly Progress and Planning Meetings of Board of Directors.
  • Quarterly Meetings of Members.
  • There will be orientation and sensitization workshops.
  • Advocacy Meetings with CSOs and other influential persons of the society.
  • There will be an Education Centre whereby the students will have access to a Library and Internet.
  • In order to enable the youngsters to earn their livelihood in a legal way and abstain from unlawful ways such as drug production; there  will be a Skill Centre e.g., tailoring, air-conditioning and refrigeration, automobile, draftsmanship, paramedical technologies, veterinary, agricultural and farming.


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